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T-608 Driving Shooting GloveT-608
Snug fitting, premium grade, thin complete deerskin glove. Gives you
tremendous feel and dexterity.
Sizes: Mens - S-M-L-XL
Ladies - S-M-L






T-630 Driving Shooting GloveT-630
Outer shell is North American Whitetail deerskin. Lined with a thin insulation
to give you added warmth without giving up flexibility and dexterity.
Available in black or carmel.
Sizes: Mens - S-M-L-XL





T-800-S Driving Shooting GloveT-800-S
North American Whitetail deerskin palm and fingers with breathable
mesh back. Hook and loop closure at the back of wrist holds glove firm.
Glove gives you protection and dexterity and the breathable back allows
you to stay cool. Available in black and carmel.
Sizes: Mens - S-M-L-XL




T-805-WI Driving Shooting GloveT-805-WI
Lightweight deerskin palm for dexterity and feel, and a warm material
back. Elastic gathering at the wrist assures a snug and comfortable fit.
Sizes: Mens - S-M-L-XL
Ladies - S-M-L






T-805 Driving Shooting GloveT-805
Cool and comfortable, supple lightweight deerskin palm, open mesh
stretch back and side-walls. Elastic shirring at the wrist assures a
snug fit.
Sizes: Mens - S-M-L-XL
Ladies - S-M-L


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